Leah Still Challenges Riley Curry to a Dance-Off (Video)

leah still

Uh-oh. It seems that the two most popular children of athletes—Riley Curry, daughter of NBA MVP Steph Curry, and Leah Still, daughter of Bengals tackle Devon Still—look like they might be poised for a dance-off to determine once and for all who the most adorable sports child is.

A week or so ago, a video was posted that showed Riley Curry rocking “The Whip.” Apparently, according to the below Instagram post, Leah Still saw Riley’s moves and assured her dad that she could do the dance even better than Riley.

Here’s the post:

I showed Leah the video of Riley doing the whip and all she kept sayin was daddy she can’t do it better then me… so I said if that’s how you feel then challenge her to a dance off === so @stephencurry30 the challenge has been sent #RileyKilledTheWhip #ButLeahPracticeThisDanceSoMuchSheBeFeelingHerself #SheLoveSeeingRileyOnTv

A video posted by Devon Still (@man_of_still75) on

It looks like we’ve got the workings of a rivalry here. May the cutest athlete child win.  At the very least, we get to see videos of two little kids rocking “The Whip” for our entertainment.

Next up, Steph Curry and Devon Still will have to have a dance-off to see which of them is the better dancer.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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