Soccer Player Tackled by Rogue Dog on the Field (Video)

dog on the field

There are few things in sports more exciting than when a loose animal gets on the field. Most recently, we saw a wayward dog not just infiltrate a soccer field, but actually take out a player, which is like the double rainbow of dogs on fields.

You can tell from the video below that this wasn’t a high-stakes international match or anything, but the lack of barriers is what likely allowed Fido to bust onto the field. German player Lina Magull was taken out in glorious fashion by the dog on the field, which quickly stopped after realizing that, “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Here’s the video:

Nur der Hund kann sie stoppen @linmag14 #gehfehler #wasmachtdiedennda

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Use a leash, people. The dignity of fallen German soccer players is at stake here.

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