The Terminator Will Be a Character in WWE 2K16 (Video)

WWE 2k16

In case you were on the fence about pre-ordering WWE 2K16, and happen to be a giant Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, we’ve got some news that might help you make up your mind. It’s been announced, via the below video, that the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger character ‘The Terminator’ will be available as a character to those who pre-order the game.

Here’s the video, in case you’re curious:

He looks…old. Too old to be wrestling, anyway. They really didn’t want to go with the younger Arnold? Weird.

Anyway, it’s the Terminator, all right, so you can’t say they’re not men of their word. It’s possible that the Terminator in the game will be younger, but then why show the old one? Very confusing stuff. Maybe we can get a Sarah Conner character, or John Conner.

Get ready for WWE 2K16: Terminator Edition.

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