An OSU Staffer Posed as a Mannequin and Terrified His Team (Video)


While pranks are really more of a baseball thing, when teams have 162 game seasons, meaning that no particular game really means that much until mid-August, it’s possible for football teams to have some summer fun as well. Take this prank at Ohio State, for instance.

A staff member got all dressed up in the team’s new garb and posed in the corner like a mannequin would, only to terrify players by coming to life when they pass by. We’ve seen this sort of thing before, and it’s almost always funny. However, it’s a little disconcerting that OSU players are so used to having mannequins just sitting around their training complex. It’s Columbus, not Milan.

Here’s the video:

Pretty funny. Check out Cardale Jones‘ reaction at 2:12. It’s the best of the bunch.

Now do one where you pretend to audit their grades and test them for pot. That will REALLY terrify them.


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