John Oliver Went on Another, Shorter FIFA Rant Sunday (Video)

John Oliver

John Oliver is no fan of FIFA. I don’t think anyone is, really, but he seems to be a pioneer in the field of hating FIFA, as this earlier rant shows. Oh, and there’s this rant, too. Please don’t ignore this one, either. He’s on a tear as of late, as he’s a soccer fan whose job it is to question power. So this whole scandal is right in his wheelhouse.

However, this one is a little different, because it actually targets two people on most of the world’s shit-list: FIFA prez Sepp Blatter and Russian prez Vladimir Putin, who got together in an early event for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Here’s the clip of John Oliver eviscerating the two of them:

Ok. That’s pretty funny. Putin’s never made anyone comfortable in his life. Just another sign that Sepp Blatter can’t be trusted.

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