Manute Bol’s Son Is a Hell of a Basketball Player at 15 (Video)

Manute Bol's son

The late Manute Bol was known during his NBA as the tallest player in the league, and an occasional leader in blocked shots. After his career wound down, awareness of his many philanthropic works spread, and his legacy became much more. Now, that legacy has a chance to grow even more after the player’s untimely death.

That’s because Manute Bol’s son, 15 year-old Bol Bol, is an animal on the court. He’s already 6’11” (AT FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!) and he’s, of course, got a mixtape showing off his skills.

He just wrapped up his Freshman year in high school, which means we have three more years of watching him do this, and probably three more years of watching him grow into a much taller player. The fact that he’s got this skill set at a young age means we could be looking at a Kevin Garnett-type player when he’s done with high school—albeit, one that dwarfs him.

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