This Mike Napoli Ejection Was Some Serious Bull$%*& (Video)

mike napoli ejection

If any of the 37,401 fans at Fenway Park on Monday night actually bought a ticket because they wanted to watch the umpires, they probably really enjoyed the Mike Napoli ejection.

Everybody else in attendance was probably pretty pissed off.

Napoli struck out looking to end the bottom of the first against John Danks and the Chicago White Sox. The final pitch was clearly a strike. However, the second pitch of the at-bat, which was called strike two, was about five inches inside. So Napoli was a little frustrated after striking out, and he bounced his helmet on the ground.

He wasn’t screaming obscenities. He didn’t bounce the helmet viciously, and he didn’t say anything to home plate umpire Toby Basner. However, after the helmet bounced up into the air, it came down ang grazed Basner’s foot. So Napoli got ejected.

Take a look:

You can see that Basner, 30, was saying something to the effect of, hey, he hit me with his equipment and the rules say I gotta eject him. And he’s right. That is what the rules say.

But come on, dude. It was an accident. Napoli wasn’t fuming, he wasn’t trying to show you up, and it was the first freaking inning. Use some discretion.

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