OSU QB Cardale Jones Shows Off WWE Moves at a Pool (Video)

Cardale Jones

In what might be a case of questionable judgment, Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones took to an apartment complex pool to show off some pretty sick wrestling moves. Everyone seems to be having fun, but that’s a wet surface, folks.


This is clearly horseplay, and though it sure does look like a lot of fun, I think none of us would be surprised if we learned that he shattered his elbow performing a suplex move in mid-August. You know what’s also a lot of fun? Stationary bikes. Maybe Cardale Jones and some friends could put on some cycling gear and go on a nice stationary bike ride. They could name imaginary animals they see as they “ride” past them.

Leave the horseplay to the D-II players, Cardale Jones. You’ve got a team to lead. Or you can go the other way, and hang up the cleats to join the WWE. That would be a pretty funny career transition, and a pretty presumptuous one, if we just based it off this one quick video. But, either way, follow your dream.

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