Golfer Shanks His Drive and Destroys a GoPro (Video)


While GoPros are supposedly built to be durable for most sports, they are no match for an extremely bad golfer. A duffer teed up in front of the camera (why would you want an ant’s-eye view of your shot?) and knocked his drive right into the turf-mounted device.

Here’s the video. It’s quick, to the point, and hilarious.


Of course, the video is titled “First shot with my new GoPro.” It could also accurately be titled, “Last shot with my new GoPro,” or “Only shot with my new GoPro.” Because it’s broken, you see.

I would feel sorry for the guy, but with that shirt and those jean shorts, it’s pretty clear that this guy has no business owning nice things.

At least he didn’t set down his pet rabbit to watch him hit that shot. That would have been macabre.


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