Key & Peele “TeachingCenter” Skit Answers Question, “What If Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes?” (Video)

key & peele teaching center

I love sports. That’s why I write about them for a living. But I am not under the delusion that people who throw and catch balls for a living are important simply because they throw and catch balls for a living.

To be sure, sports have an important role to play in our culture. They bring us together and help us forget about our differences. They serve as an analogy for life itself, and thus can be useful in teaching important life lessons about perseverance and determination and losing. All that good stuff. But sometimes we get confused and think sports and athletes are more important than they really are.

Thankfully we’ve got comedians like Keagan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to bring us back to reality. In a new sketch called “TeachingCenter” for their Comedy Central show Key & Peele, they show what it would be like if teachers—who, FYI, actually are important—were given the money and attention we give professional athletes.

The result is pretty hilarious. Though also kind of depressing.

Take a look:

Sorry you don’t make $10 million a year, teachers. If it were up to me you would.

In an unrelated note, did anybody else catch the Ghostbusters reference? Vinz Clortho High? Because I thought that was a pretty nice touch.

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