This Might Be the Worst Competition Dive Ever (Video)

competition dive

I feel sort of bad about calling out this diver for their terrible dive. I mean, I know they did it publicly and everything, but no one, not even athletes, are immune from having their brain lock up in a big moment. And when you’re diving, it’s just you out there. It’s likely this isn’t the worst competition dive ever, but it’s pretty bad.

It was performed by Madison Keeney of Australia, and the dive she was attempting was reportedly a difficult one. However, she got straight zeroes from the judges, and it’s not hard to see why. It looks like me diving at a Labor Day BBQ after about eight beers.

Take a look:

Awesome. Just terrific.

If she had nailed the dive, she could have finished in the top three, but she didn’t, so now she has to look at this video of her screwing up on the Internet for the next week or so.

Better luck next time, Madison. I’m sure your recovery will be swift.

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