GoPro Gives a 1st-Person Account of Riding American Pharoah (Video)

American Pharoah

GoPros have given us a lot of first-person views of cool athletic feats. And while this may not be the coolest one from a visual standpoint, it might be the most interesting. This video lets you imagine you’re atop American Pharoah, cruising around the track.

The GoPro spherical offers the ability to pan up, down, left, and right in the video (if you view it in Chrome), and while it doesn’t add much on a horse-racing track, it could be cool in other settings.

I don’t know if the video does the thrill of riding in a horse race justice, but maybe it does. Things can often look a lot slower on camera than they are in real time, and this seems to be a little anticlimatic when compared to this skiing video, for instance.

Here’s the video:

At least it picks up the sound as I would imagine it. I know I’m just being picky here, but it would probably be nice to have a few other horses around, especially with the panning capabilities. Is that asking for too much? I feel like that might be asking for too much. It’s still pretty good this way.

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