NFL Execs Told Oregon’s Mark Helfrich That “Marcus Mariota Not Having Any Red Flags Was a Red Flag”

marcus mariota red flags

NFL scouts are a fastidious breed. No matter how good a particular prospect is, they will pick him apart and examine every detail about his life and career in painstaking detail until they find something they don’t like.

Why? Because NFL teams want to know exactly what they’re getting when they draft a guy. And because there’s always something wrong with a guy—even if it’s simply the fact that there’s nothing wrong with a guy.

That was the case with Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, apparently. The guy has size, he’s athletic, he has a great arm, and he doesn’t have a proclivity for terrible decisions.

However, according Mark Helfrich, Mariota’s former coach at Oregon, at least one NFL head coach and general manager told him they were worried about Mariota precisely because nobody could figure out what was wrong with him.

Of course, that’s absolutely insane. But that’s how the NFL works. The minute you start assuming your draft picks will work out you turn into the Raiders.

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