Mets Traded Wilmer Flores to Brewers, Wilmer Flores Cried on the Field, Trade Fell Apart (Video)

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If you thought the DeAndre Jordan fiasco was crazy, wait until you hear about the Mets-Brewers trade that almost went down on Wednesday night. It left poor Wilmer Flores crying…on the field…in the middle of a game.

It all started around 8pm ET, when Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported that the Mets had traded shortstop Flores and injured pitcher Zack Wheeler to the Brewers for All-Star center fielder Carlos Gome.

Not long after that, the deal was Tweeted by numerous other reliable sources, and pretty soon everybody on the internet knew about it.

That’s when things got surreal.

Normally when a player is traded or about to be traded, he’s taken out of the game. But Flores was left in the Mets’ game against the Padres, even after word somehow got to him that he had been traded. And that led to this very sad, incredibly bizarre scene:

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for Twitter to get all worked up and start ripping the Mets.

Eventually, though, the Mets-Padres game came to an end, and we finally got some answers about what the hell was going on.

What were those answers? Apparently the Mets and Brewers had agreed on the players to be traded, but it all fell apart at the last minutes after the exchange of medical records.

Of course, Mets GM Sandy Alderson was quick to blame reporters and social media for jumping the gun on this story. But the fact is, somebody told Gomez the deal was done, because Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado posted this photo before 9pm ET:

carlos gomez trade

Then he changed it to this:

So don’t blame the reporters for all this. Blame their sources.

And hell, blame the Mets too. They could have erred on the side of caution and taken Flores out of the game. But they just left him out there, in a game in which they trailed by five runs, because they “didn’t want to fuel speculation.”

Give me a break, Mets.

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