Ronda Rousey Gets Attacked by Adorable Little Fan (Video)

Rhonda Rousey

I’m sure that Ronda Rousey has her share of creepy fans, but it was one of the good ones that made it past everyone else to run up and give her a hug. She was participating at an open workout when a little kid in a blue karate outfit ran up to her and gave her a hug.

Honestly, I thought he was trying to put a grappling move on her at first, but then it became clearer it was a hug. Ronda Rousey was gracious during the whole thing, and took a knee to meet the kid at eye level. It wasn’t clear what was said back-and-forth, but it was another reminder why Ronda has earned her celebrity in a sport filled with so many non-role models.

Here’s the clip:

@rondarousey gets a surprise from one of her biggest (little) fans during open workouts today. #UFC190

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I hope older fans don’t get any ideas from this. This was a one-time thing, guys. Don’t run up and hug Rousey. Maybe just keep a respectful distance and take a picture or something. A nice wave will do the trick, also.

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