Troy Tulowitzki’s Blue Jays Debut: Two Doubles and a Home Run Is Pretty Good, Right? (Video)

troy tulowitzki's blue jays debut

Toronto baseball fans were already pretty excited about the Troy Tulowitzki trade. However, after Troy Tulowitzki’s Blue Jays debut on Wednesday night, I think it’s safe to say Toronto is officially in love.

The Jays shocked the baseball world late Monday night when they sent defensive albatross Jose Reyes to Colorado along with some solid pitching prospects in exchange for superstar shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Everyone figured that the Rockies would finally part ways with Tulo this year since they just never seem to get any better. But nobody saw the Jays coming. They already had the best offense in baseball, and what they really needed was pitching.

However, the Jays saw a chance to make their already great offense even better while dramatically improving their infield defense, thus enhancing their ability to prevent runs and indirectly improving their “pitching.” So they jumped on it.

For his part, Tulo admitted that he was “blindsided” by the trade, since he thought he had an understanding with Rockies management that he’s be kept in the loop about possible transactions. But it sure had to feel good to get a standing ovation before his first at bat against the Phillies at the Rogers Centre on Wednesday. And it probably felt even better after he went 3-for-5 with a home run and two doubles.

Take a look:

Tulo’s batting line after one game in Toronto is .600/.600/1.600. He’s probalby not going to keep that up, but it certainly was one hell of an introduction.

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