Former NBA All-Star Vin Baker Earned $100M and Is Now Managing a Starbucks

Vin Baker

Vin Baker has served as a cautionary tale for a number of years now as how NOT to treat your fame and wealth in the NBA. The four-time All-Star amassed almost $100 million in earnings, but squandered it all as a result of bad financial decisions and his constant struggle with alcoholism.

The money is gone, and likely never coming back. However, he seems to have managed to get control over his alcoholism and is now starting fresh. And that fresh start includes a new job. Vin Baker is training to become a Starbucks manager. While it sounds like a big fall from grace, Baker seems content and even happy knowing that he’s getting his life in order a second time around. A lot of guys don’t get to do that.

Here’s what he said when discussing his career change:

“When you make choices and decisions and think that it will never end, and then you get into spending and addiction and more spending, it’s a definite formula for losing…. I would insist that you surround yourself with the person you trust the absolute most, someone who can tell you, ‘You’re wrong, don’t buy that, don’t go there, that person’s no good.’ I would also say be able to monitor every single dime that comes out of your accounts as if you’re a Starbucks barista. My check here I know exactly where my money goes. Don’t trust it with an accountant or a family friend. Make sure you’re aware and be responsible because next thing you know people are stealing from you.”

He’s also working as a minister in a church. While I’m sure it would be nice to have that $97 million back that he earned, I’m sure it’s even nicer to have his life back.

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