Athletes Aren’t Impressed With Meek Mill’s Response to Drake (Audio, Tweets)

Meek Mill

The emerging feud between rapper/lyricist Meek Mill and hip-hop superstar Drake has gone to a new level. Yesterday, Drake released a diss track against Meek, and today, Meek has responded with his own track. It appears, unsurprisingly, that athletes are taking the side of Drake. Maybe it’s because he’s friends with every single one of them.

Here’s Meek Mill’s track knocking Drake’s knock on him:

Drake had a hard time taking it seriously, as you might be able to ascertain from his Instagram response:

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Enjoy as you see fit, but know that athletes were Tweeting their disapproval of the track.

And here’s the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant referencing Drake’s dis track, “Charged Up.”

Where do you stand on the issue? Is Meek in over his head here? Will Drake respond with another diss track? Will this ever end, or will Drake spend the rest of his rap career just feuding with Meek Mill? We’ll find out soon!

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