Chad Johnson’s Daughter Is Killing It in Track and Field (Video)

Chad Johnson's Daughter

Chad Johnson may have trouble finding an outlet for his athletic abilities, but his daughter isn’t experiencing the same problem. Chad Johnson’s daughter, Cha’iel, is ten years old and tearing up the Junior Olympics with her talents in the 200-meter and the 800-meter competitions.

She beat the field in the 200 by over two seconds in the semi-final, but ole Ochocinco is just trying to enjoy it and not get too crazy about his daughter’s success:

Number one, as a parent, having a child…that participates in sports, I don’t push them. The great thing about her is she already has that want, that go-get-it. Right now all I have to do is just continue to teach her about hard work…and make sure she doesn’t peak. That’s something that’s very scary for young kids is when they peak too soon and there’s no room for improvement.

A pretty good philosophy. And it doesn’t look like Cha’iel needs any extraordinary encouragement. She seems to be doing pretty well on her own.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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