Someone Awesome Put Drake and Meek’s Heads on WWE Stars’ Bodies (Video)

Drake Meek Mill WWE Mashup

In Meek Mill‘s diss track against Drake, he apparently stole The Undertaker‘s theme music from the WWE. Of course, once that fact was realized, it took all of about seven seconds for the Internet to take that knowledge and do something dumb and funny with it.

And what they did—or Twitter user HenryGod reposted—was put Drake and Meek Mill heads on the bodies of Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker.

The Internet is a wonderful place.

And in case you’d like to hear more of Meek Mill’s track, it’s embedded below for your listening pleasure.

While this whole thing has been pretty ridiculous from the get-go, it’s way better than two guys gunning each other down in their cars, so let’s give the babies their bottles and see how this thing plays out. It can only get more ridiculous from here, so let’s take bets on what happens next. Does Drake announce a diss album via a skywriting airplane? Will Meek Mill buy an infomercial? Probably “yes” to both of those.

This thing can’t unfold soon enough. It’s like Christmas on social media.

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