Gigantic Mega-Human JJ Watt Crushes Home Runs at Astros Batting Practice (Video)

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JJ Watt crushes home runs at Astros batting practice? There’s literally nothing surprising about that. The most fearsome defender in the NFL is an incredible athlete who fires slap shots like a pro and performs 5’1″ box jumps like he’s not 6’5″ and 290 pounds. Of course he can hit a baseball 375 feet.

Of course, while it may not come as a shock that JJ Watt can crush home runs, it’s still awe inspiring. Especially when he does it with guns blazing in a tight white t-shirt like he did at Minute Maid Park on Thursday ahead of the Astros-Angels game.

Seriously, the guy posed for a photo with Mike Trout and he made the 6’2″ 235-pound AL MVP look small.

Check it out:

Needless to say, the ballplayers were pretty impressed with JJ’s athleticism.

“I think he has a lot of talent for not being a baseball player,” said ‘Stros shortstop Carlos Correa. “He’s an athlete and it comes naturally. He’s able to swing a bat, he has hand-eye coordination and he was able to hit some balls out of the ballpark. It was fun to watch.”

It was also a little terrifying.

“That’s why I play baseball,” explained rookie pitcher Lance McCullers when asked what it must be like to line up across from Watt on the gridiron. “I don’t have worry about it.”

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