Johnny Manziel Sucked on the First Day of Cleveland Browns Training Camp

johnny manziel sucked

Yesterday was the first day of Cleveland Browns training camp. And while technically it was a Thursday, poor Johnny Manziel was definitely having a case of the Mondays.

What does that mean? It means Johnny Manziel sucked pretty hard.

That’s not to say Johnny fans need to panic. It was just the first day. It was a no pads, limited contact practice. And the guy made a lot of changes to his lifestyle in the offseason, like getting off the sauce and moving from downtown to the ‘burbs. He may just need some time to adjust and get rolling.

But it was still disappointing. Manziel’s first four drop-backs when thusly:

  1. sack
  2. sack
  3. pass nearly intercepted
  4. pass swatted down at the line

Now, Manziel was playing with the second unit, so those sacks might have something to do with that. But according to those who were there, Manziel also had terrible body language, walking around with his head down.

If the guy is disheartened after his first day of pracitce, it might be a long season.

Somebody get this guy a Snickers.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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