The Rock Tries To Explain Hulk Hogan’s Racist Comments

The Rock

Last week, Hulk Hogan got more or less excommunicated by the WWE when an eight year-old recording of a conversation turned up in which the wrestling legend dropped some racial slurs. While speaking at the Teen Choice Awards, The Rock didn’t apologize or rationalize Hogan’s comments, but he did explain them a little.

Speaking to reporters, The Rock said:

“I was pretty disappointed at what I heard. I’ve known [Hulk Hogan] for a lot of years. My dad helped train him in Florida in the ’70s when he was breaking into the business. My uncles helped train him as well. So I’d not known him to be racist. It’s funny, it’s one of those things where—I’m not justifying what he said—but we’ve all talked trash. Especially in private. He said what he said and now he’s paying the price.”

Hard to disagree with that last part. The reaction to Hogan’s comments has been swift and vengeful by his former employer. The Rock’s probably right about private comments being damning, but it’s not like the WWE or any other employee could ignore them when they’re made by a public figure.

I don’t know where the Hulkster goes from here, but he likely has enough money to live comfortably if he finds himself unemployable.

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