Michael Jordan Chumps Jimmy Butler in a Shooting Contest! (Video)

Jimmy Butler

Michael Jordan sure has been doing a lot recently to show the world that he still has his basketball skills. The former great took to the Flight School basketball camp with current Bulls star Jimmy Butler. The two engaged in a shooting contest that ended with the host, Jordan, showing the surprise guest, Jimmy Butler, a little something about shooting.

It was a surprise ending only if you don’t believe that Jordan could still secretly be the greatest living basketball player, and is just biding his time before his REAL comeback. Here’s the video:

And, yup. That sounded like Salt n’ Peppa in the background, which just adds to the magic.

Jimmy Butler took the loss in good fun, as you have to when you’re taking on Michael Jordan, otherwise you’ll get pretty upset. Here’s his Instagram post calling Jordan “La Cabra” which is Spanish for “GOAT.”

la cabra. @mjflightschool

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Nicely done, Jimmy.