Robbie Madison Rides His Dirtbike Over Water (Video)

Robbie Madison

In an ad for DC Shoes that’s been circulating, motocross star Robbie Madison took things to a new level not just by riding his bike really, really fast, but by riding his bike really, really fast across water. And no, he didn’t just make it 15 feet like a skipping stone before starting to sink.

Outfitted with what appear to be special tires, Robbie Madison was able to make it just about anywhere he wanted, riding across the width of a cove, all over water.

Here’s the clip:

The clip was filmed in Tahiti, and it’s called “Pipe Dream,” if you’re looking for it elsewhere. Note that the real kicker comes at the end of the video, as the star actually goes SURFING WITH HIS BIKE. It’s as crazy as it sounds and even more cool.

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