Cristiano Ronaldo Took to Madrid Streets in a Disguise (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo took to the streets of Madrid, hiding his fame and good looks by dressing up like this dude above. That could be the end of the story, and I would be a happy guy. That’s by far the best “celebrity in a costume” costume that I’ve ever seen. He looks like any one of about a billion Spanish hipsters.

But there’s more.

The superstar then showed off his soccer moves while in the costume and fat suit. He’s like a Portuguese Uncle Drew!

Here’s the video:

People are going to think that I’m crazy!
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Posted by Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday, August 3, 2015


I mean, people have to know something’s up when he busts out the ball-handling moves, right? They can’t just be thinking “Oh, that wonderful-smelling homeless guy is the most talented soccer player in the world.”

Can they? I’d like to think that at least someone wised up and started checking for cameras. Otherwise, I’d like to think that a scout signed up this talented vagrant right away. Maybe homeless Cristiano Ronaldo just got signed to Liverpool or something. That would be quite the conundrum.

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