Cristiano Ronaldo Bought a Greek Island for His Agent


As you may know, or you have been pretending to know during cocktail parties, Greece is in a bit of a financial bind with some of its European neighbors. In short, the country has borrowed a lot of money a couple times, and requires even more cash to stay functional and operational. In an effort to bridge the gap between what they need and what they have without mooching again, Greece is having an island fire sale.

And since Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t immune to the draw of a bargain, he picked up a Greek island for his agent as a wedding present. Maybe the agent, Jorge Mendes, had the foresight to register a “Greek Government,” but likely, Ronaldo went off the registry for that one. Always a risky move, but you have to like your chances when the gift is a Greek island.

The island likely came in at between $3 million and $5 million, which I guess is a pretty good deal, until you consider that the country it resides in might not have the infrastructure to police your property or get you water. Then it seems like kind of a rip off.

Hat Tip – [EuroSport]

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