CSKA Sofia Fans Chase Ashdod Players Off the Pitch (Video)

CSKA Sofia

There’s nothing better than when small time soccer clubs get together for a match. You have absolutely NO idea what’s going to happen. It’s like going to a backyard wrestling match in Florida.

For instance, CSKA Sofia, a Bulgarian team, hosted Israeli squad Ashdod, when an Ashdod player made what appeared to be a dirty tackle on a CSKA player. I bet you’re thinking that the fans yielded to the judgment of the referees, then accepted their decision pleasantly and without incident.

That’s NOT what happened.

What happened was the Ashdod player got hit with a red card. Then the flying bottles came his way, and eventually the fans stormed the pitch and scared off the visiting team. WAY more fun than the fans sitting around, being all respectful, right?

Here’s a clip of the awesome little skirmish:

Someone cue this up to the Benny Hill theme and we’re in business!

Hat Tip – [SI]

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