Eagles Fan Demolishes Something Called hitchBot (Video)


For those unfamiliar with hitchBOT (which is likely most people), it was an effort to dress an iPhone up as a cute little hitchhiking robot designed to see how far it could travel based on the kindness of strangers. Predictably, the kindness of strangers stopped abruptly in Philadelphia. There’s no obvious motive for why this guy destroyed a feel-good robot, but it’s not much of a surprise that SOMEONE did.

A man in a Randall Cunningham jersey opted not to pick up hitchBOT for the next leg of his trip.  Rather, he decided to beat the robot without mercy until this was left:


Poor, stupid hitchBOT.

Here’s a video of how the weird robot met its end. I’m not sure what the creators of hitchBOT thought would happen when it reached Philly, but they probably should have expected this:

Take that, Skynet! Score one for the humans!

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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