Check Out This Kobe Bryant Impersonation From Social Media Star Brandon Armstrong (Video)

kobe bryant impersonation brandon armstrong @bdotadot5

Summer is usually a pretty boring time for NBA fans. Sure, there’s the NBA Draft at the end of June. And sure, there’s the Vegas Summer League for a few weeks in July. But after that the drought begins, and hoops fanatics have to go three long months without basketball.

This summer has not been as barren as most, however. First there was the insanity of NBA free agency, which provided a solid week of high quality basketball-related entertainment. Then, out of the blue, Twitter user @bdotadot5 took social media by storm with his spot-on impersonations of Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

Who is @bdotadot5? He’s former Pepperdine standout Brandon Armstrong, the 21st overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft. Armstrong played three seasons in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets from 2001 to 2004. After that he spent a couple of seasons in the D-League before heading oversees, where he made a living playing for various teams in Poland, the Ukraine, and Venezuela.

However, with over 96,000 followers, Armstrong is far more famous for his 1,294 (and counting) basketball-themed Twitter videos than he ever was for playing basketball. His aforementioned James Harden impersonation video got over 50,000 likes and 53,000 shares on Facebook, while his Russell Westbrook impersonation video got over 20,000 retweets—including one from Russell Westbrook himself.

Armstrong’s latest masterpiece is a Kobe Bryant impersonation, and it’s his most popular one yet, with over 24,000 retweets in its first 17 hours.

Take a look:

Pretty spot on if you ask me. Though, if you ask me, the Russell Westbrook impersonation was still funnier.

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