Famous San Antonio Spurs Superfan “Spurs Jesus” Chases Down, Tackles Burglar (Video)

spurs jesus chases burgler

Real Jesus says we should forgive those who trespass against us. But Spurs Jesus? Spurs Jesus thinks we should chase those motherf***ers down and take them out.

That’s a very confusing lede, I realize. Please allow me to explain.

If you’re unfamiliar with Spurs Jesus, he’s a Spurs superfan famous among locals for sitting courtside at Spurs games dressed up as—yep, you guessed it—Our Lord and Savior. Over the years he’s developed a sizable social media presence. He’s got about 3.5K followers on Twitter, and his Facebook page has 15K likes and the official “public figure” blue checkmark.

So basically, in San Antonio he’s a local celebrity.

But what’s this about chasing down and tackling trespassers? Well, last Monday Spurs Jesus found a guy trying to break into his apartment. And rather than just calling the police and risk the guy getting away, Spurs Jesus chased after the perp and tackled him to the ground.

It made for one of the most bizarre local news stories you will ever see.

Take a look:

Yep, I’m gonna go ahead and file this one under WTF.

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