Yasiel Puig’s Newest ‘Sportscenter’ Ad Is One of the Best (Video)

Yasiel Puig

Those “This is Sportscenter” ads have been alive and kicking for over 20 years, and they don’t seem to have fallen off one bit in terms of quality. Most recently, we’ve got Yasiel Puig making a cameo for one, showing the office at Bristol the virtue of some good walkup music in the office.

He rocks a pretty badass Afro-Caribbean song as his, and Stan Verrett tries to follow suit with…Hanson.

Take a look:

If I remember correctly, Hanson was the walkup music for one batter a while back, but I’m pretty sure the choice was an ironic one, and that doesn’t legitimize the decision. He could have at least gone with Katy Perry or something that’s from the last decade. Imagine Dragons, even.

Ok. Not Imagine Dragons. That would be worse.

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