Incredible Billy Hamilton Catch Robs Jason Heyward of Clutch Extra Base Hit (Video)

amazing leaping billy hamilton catch

Leaping catches up against the wall are relatively common. Leaping catches in the middle of the outfield are rare.

Why? Well, to make a leaping catch up against the wall, you don’t need to have to know where the ball is going. You run after it, run out of room, and then leap because you have no other choice.

To make a leaping catch in the middle of the outfield on a ball hit over your head, you have to know well in advance that you’re not going to run the ball down. Then you have to time your leap just right.

Want to see how it’s done? Take a look at this incredible Billy Hamilton catch from last night’s Reds-Cardinals game in Cincinnati. With the Cardinals trailing 3-2 in the top of the eighth, Jason Heyward smoked a liner to center field that, nine times out of ten, would have put the tying run in scoring position with nobody out.

But Hamilton turned a leadoff double into the 22nd out of the game:

The speedy Hamilton still has not figured out how to get on base regularly, but I’d say he’s got this fielding thing down pat.

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