Melvin Gordon’s Mom Won’t Wear His Jersey Until He ‘Earns It’

Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon may have high hopes for his debut with the Chargers this season, but of all the critics surrounding the rookie RB, none are more vocal than his mom, Carmen Gordon, who attends practices and gives him criticisms about his performance.

She’s overall very supportive, but if you’re expecting her to show up on opening day wearing her son’s jersey…don’t. At least, not yet. She said that she’s not going to wear his #28 jersey in a show of support until he “earns it.”


You would think that getting drafted early, making the team, and signing a multi-million-dollar contract would be considered “earning it,” but maybe she’s got some higher standards. She did the same thing in college, and suggested that it’s because she wants to hear what people are candidly saying about her son in the stands.

“You’ve got to show me a little something, but it won’t be this year. So you might see me in the stands, but I won’t have the jersey on. I did the same thing in college because I just want to hear what people are saying.”

Makes sense, sorta. But…ouch.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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