800-Pound 13-Foot Tiger Shark Caught Off South Carolina’s Folly Beach (Pic)

13-foot tiger shark south carolina folly beach

This summer there have been a number of high-profile shark-related stories in the news. And I’m not just talking about Sharknado 3.

There was the story about the beached great white shark that was saved by some beach goers. There was the story about the kayak fisherman who got capsized by the shark he was trying to land. And of course there was the story about the pro surfer who punched a shark in the face when it tried to eat him.

Today’s shark-related story? It’s about an 800-pound 13-foot tiger shark caught just off South Carolina’s Folly Beach, a popular surfing destination.

The giant fish was caught on Saturday by commercial anglers from Seasonal Seafood, who told the Charleston’s Post and Courrier that they’ve been catching big tiger sharks in those waters pretty much every night. Earlier on Saturday night they landed a 400- to 500-pounder. And on Monday they landed one that was 700 pounds and 11 feet long.

The 13-footer, though, was the biggest. In fact, it was so big it had to be gutted before they could even get it in their boat.

800-pound 13-foot tiger shark south carolina 2
800-pound 13-foot tiger shark south carolina 1
Of course, experts say large sharks like this don’t pose a significant threat to beachgoers. Bryan Frazier, a wildlife biologist for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, says Tiger sharks feast on turtles, birds, rays, and fish, and that “humans aren’t on their menu.”

But 10 people have been bitten by sharks off the coast of the Carolinas since June. So you know what? I think I’m just going to follow this lady’s advice and stay out of the shark’s house.

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