Gronk Acts Like the Man-Child He Is in This Foot Locker Ad (Video)


If you think that Rob Gronkowski is just sort of a kid in a large man’s body, you’re probably not alone. Even Foot Locker thinks it apparently. Why else would they have pulled the curtain back on Gronk’s lifestyle like this? In the ad, the Pats tight end is signing some autographs for kids when he gets to join them to hang out.

He passes, claiming he’s a grown up (NOPE) and has to do grown up stuff, which apparently entails slot car racing, drinking a soda, and playing a video game with one hand. The funny thing is, I could really imagine Gronk hanging out like that, even by himself. Here’s the video, which I think is more documentary than anything:

I thought it would maybe feature him poring over the works of Virgil at the library or sitting diligently to practice the cello for a four-hour clip. Maybe after that, he would watch an Ingmar Bergman film, drink some exotic tea, then fall asleep. But this is pretty close to that as well.

I’m hoping that they really filmed this at his condo and it looks just like that. He’s pretty much Tom Hanks from Big.

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