Run Through Jordan Spieth’s Warm-Up Routine In This Video

Jordan Spieth

Despite being a naturally-talented young golfer, Jordan Spieth gives himself over to a pretty rigorous warm-up session before every round of golf he plays. And you know what? It seems to be working.

Spieth goes through a program every morning that includes putting, pitching, wedge and bunker work, driving, and then he ends with even more putting. I have to imagine the thing takes an hour or so to get through, but, again, you can’t argue with results.  And if Jordan Spieth needs to get up an hour earlier to be his best, it’s probably worth it.

Here’s the video showing his entire warm-up, complete with cheesy high-energy music that doesn’t fit the mood at all.

It looks like he gets the equivalent of a few rounds of golf in before starting to play 18. If you’re interested to see how this compares to other golfers’ pre-round routines, you can check some more out right here.

While I never figured that the golfers went into a round cold, I never assumed that their pre-round ritual could be so methodical. But I guess when you build a career on consistency, that will include your pre-round warm-up.

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