Youth Basketball Team Disqualified for Having a Girl on It (Pic)


The Charlottesville Cavaliers traveled a long way for nothing, it would seem. The team of 10 year-olds was disqualified from playing in the National Travel Basketball Association’s National Championship, where they managed to get to the semifinals. It turns out that the team had arrived and played with a girl on its roster, which it would seem is against the rules. 

Kymora Johnson not only played every game up to that point, but had even played in the previous year’s tournament without incident. However, when it was realized that the team was in violation of a rule that forbid boys teams from fielding girl players, the team was given the boot with no opportunity to correct it.

According to the organizing body, coach Joe Mallory was told that his team would be given the boot if Kymora played, but he chose to suit her up anyway. He disputes this claim.

I can’t say that this is a surprising turn of events, and it would be easy to stand by the decision if it went the other way, but it’s unfortunate for the girl and her team.

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