This ‘Deadliest Catch’ Episode Shows the Guys Reacting to the Seahawks Super Bowl Turnover (Video)

Deadliest Catch

I know the Super Bowl happened about six months ago, but we can relive the anger and frustration of Seahawks fans all over again in a brand-new episode of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. It seems that the fisherman are Seahawks fans, and, like most Seahawks fans, they got pretty pissed off about the playcall late in the game that resulted in the Patriots intercepting the ball and winning the game.


Here’s the clip:

They didn’t have a TV on their boat, so they had to huddle around the radio like it’s the Great Depression or something. Or that’s how the producers wanted it to appear. I’m pretty sure they could have had a satellite set up if they wanted one. They’re reality stars.

Anyway, it’s worth it just to watch the one guy yell “NO” as loud as he can upon hearing the call. I hope they at least had a good day crabbing (or whatever it is that they do) after getting the bad news.

The worst part is, these guys didn’t even get to see Katy Perry and Left Shark’s halftime performance to make up for their troubles. Terrible.

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