Ridiculous Kevin Pillar Catch Puts Exclamation Point on Blue Jays Four-Game Sweep of Twins (Video)

amazing kevin pillar catch

The Toronto Blue Jays have made a ton of news over the last few weeks with their blockbuster deadline trades for Troy Tulowitzki and David Price. However, those trades wouldn’t have been such a big deal if they didn’t already have a trove of good players on their roster.

Of course, every baseball fan knows about the likes of Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, and Edwin Encarnacion. But you might not know about Kevin Pillar. If you just looked at his batting line—a respectable but unexciting .264/.302/.377—you might not be that impressed. But Pillar’s defense? That is first rate.

He gave us one play-of-the-year candidate back in April, scaling the huge left field wall at the Rogers Centre to rob the Rays of a home run. He gave us another one last night against the Twins, racing back on a line drive by Miguel Sano and making an incredible diving catch.

Seriously. As good as it gets.

Take a look:

The Blue Jays had a cushy 9-3 lead at the time and went on to win by that exact score, so you can’t exactly call that Kevin Pillar catch a game-saver.

How about we just call it the cherry on top of a five-game winning streak.

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