Squirrel Runs onto Comerica Park Field, Raises Hell (Video)

comerica park

Few things delight announcers more than an errant animal finding its way onto the field. We are most definitely in the dog days of summer, and the Tigers seem to be out of striking distance for a playoff spot. So why not get fired up about a squirrel on the field at Comerica Park?

The little critter ran out, prompting an announcer to ask if he was looking for peanuts. I think the announcer got the squirrel confused with an elephant. Common mistake. Though, I’m sure the squirrel would eat a peanut if offered one.

Here’s the clip:

A few other observations:

  • The crowd went crazy
  • The squirrel was black
  • The announcer thought it was a “baby kitten.”
  • The squirrel came back out to the field, holding up the game again.
  • The squirrel was eventually caught by security and humanely euthanized.

(Ok. I made that last part up. I’m sure the black squirrel is doing great.)


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