Cam Newton Does The Stanky Leg Dance with a Fan (Video)

Cam Netwon

While the Carolina Panthers‘ recent scrimmage might not have been huge news in the sports world, it’s not every day you get to see an NFL superstar do a ridiculous dance with a six year-old. And that’s exactly what we got Friday night as Cam Newton, his focus likely far from the scrimmage, brought out the stanky leg dance with young fan Braylon Bream. Bream was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February, and as an act of charity, was brought out and allowed to meet Newton and the other Panthers players.

And what better way to spend your time with new friends, including Cam Newton, than with this dance?

Here it is:

Bream absolutely kills it out there. I think he puts the rest of the crew to shame with his swagger. No easy feat when you’re up against professional athletes.

Keep fighting the good fight, Braylon, and thanks for the sick dance moves.

Hat Tip – [SI]

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