Fisherman Takes Out Annoying Drone with Perfect Cast (Video)


For better or worse, amateur drones seem to be a way of life that we might need to get used to. But that doesn’t mean we need to be happy about them. A fisherman on San Diego’s Pacific Beach was enjoying a leisurely day on the pier until a drone started hovering over his head. It’s easy to see why that would be annoying to someone who doesn’t want to be followed and watched by a flying camera.

So the fisherman used the only weapon at his disposal, his casting, to take out the drone. He managed to hook the device after a few tries, but it eventually broke the line and escaped. Still, an A for effort.

Here’s the carnival game that ensued:

Tice Ledbetter, the drone’s operator, still managed to get some pretty cool footage, though:

Which side are you on here? Team Fisherman or Team Drone Operator?

Hat Tip – [LADbible]

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