Horrific Cycling Crash at Tour of Utah Somehow Doesn’t Kill Anybody (Video)

tour of utah cycling crash

The Tour of Utah has developed a reputation as the toughest road cycling race in America. The video you’re about to watch ought to explain why.

During Stage 6 of the Tour on Saturday, at a near-180º turn on the Guardsman Pass in the Wasatch Range, Irish cyclist Matt Brammeier lost control of his bike and t-boned a service vehicle at an astounding speed.

This in turn caused two other less serious collisions as cyclists failed to slow down in time to successfully navigate around police motorcycles stopped in the middle of the road.

Take a look:

Brammeier’s horrific cycling crash left him with fractures in his ribs, spine, and sacrum. But believe it or not, it could have been worse. If that car hadn’t been in the way, given the speed at which Brammeier was flying down the mountain heading into the turn, he probably would have gone right over the edge.

As it is, Brammeier is recovering in the hospital and probably won’t require surgery.

Good thing that car was there.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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