Mark Teixeira Yells at Fan Who Tried to Run Him Over to Get a Foul Ball (Video)

mark teixeira assaulted by fan

The Yankees had a pretty rough weekend. Not only did they get swept by the surging Blue Jays at home and see their lead in the A.L. East get cut to a mere 1.5 games, but they were also “assaulted” on several occasions by their own fans.

Mind you, “assault” isn’t my word. It was the word Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira used while talking to the media after the sweep. And he was only half-kidding.

The Yankees were trailing the Blue Jays in the top of the ninth on Sunday, about to get swept and suffer their second consecutive shutout, when Toronto first baseman Chris Colabello popped a ball up just barely into the stands down the first base line. The fans sitting in the front row all got out of the way and allowed Yankees first baseman Teixeira to get in there and make the play. However, when he was unable to come up with it, there was suddenly a mad scramble for the ball. And one dude got a little too excited and tried to run right through Teixeira.

Take a look:

That certainly wasn’t the worst thing we’ve ever seen a fan do to get his hands on a souvenir baseball. But it could have injured Teixeira. And with the Jays on fire right now, that’s the last thing the elderly Yankees need.

Of course, this was not the first time a Yankees fan had done something to jeopardize the health and safety of a Yankees player that day. Back in the fourth inning, some idiot in the left field bleachers threw back a Jose Bautista home run ball and hit Brett Gardner in the head.

For this reason, Mark Teixeira went to the media after the game with this pithy little jab:

“You can insult, but you cannot assault.”

It may not actually rhyme, but hey, he’s a ball player. Give him a break.

Hat Tip – [New York Post]

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