Surveillance Video Shows College Football Player Christian Taylor Trashing Car Dealership Moments Before Police Shot and Killed Him

college football player christian taylor trashing car dealership killed by police

Early Friday morning, police shot and killed a Division II college football player named Christian Taylor at a car dealership in Arlington, Texas.

According to Arlington police chief Will Johnson, who spoke at a press conference on Saturday, police were called to the dealership for a breaking-and-entering. There they found a Jeep had been driven through the window and saw Taylor, a 19-year-old cornerback at Angelo State University, “roaming freely” inside the showroom. When they told Taylor to lie down he fled. So the police chased after. However, there was a struggle, and at some point 49-year-old officer Brad Miller fired four shots, hitting Taylor multiple times and killing him.

Unfortunately, Taylor was unarmed. And given that his death occurred on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown and the beginning of the unrest in Ferguson, tensions over this tragic incident are high.

That said, on Sunday a surveillance video from the dealership lot was released. And while it does not show what happened inside the showroom, where Taylor was shot, it does show Taylor wandering around outside, jumping on the hood of a car, smashing the windshield, and getting inside. Then it shows him driving his Jeep through the security gate and then through the showroom window.

Take a look:

This is clearly a bizarre and sad story. Let’s all hope cooler heads will prevail, and that authorities deal with the matter with integrity and transparency.

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