Yankees Fan Throws Back Home Run Ball, Drills Brett Gardner in the Head (Videos)

mark teixeira assaulted by fan

Baseball has a lot of time-honored traditions. However, there’s at least one that Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner could probably do without.

During the fourth inning of the Yankees game against the Blue Jays on Sunday, Toronto slugger Jose Bautista cracked a solo shot to left field in the fourth inning to make it 2-0. Then, in accordance with tradition, the Yankees fan who caught that home run threw it back onto the field.

Unfortunately, that fan does not have Greg Maddux-like accuracy. So instead of the ball harmlessly hitting the ground, it drills Brett Gardner right in the back of the head.

Here’s the view from the Yankees broadcast:

And here it is as captured by a fan sitting out in left field:

Luckily, Brett Gardner was not seriously injured. But according to Yankees Stadium security, the fan who thew the ball was not thrown out of the game because it was obviously an accident.

I think if I were a Yankees outfielder, I might ask the team to reconsider its policy regarding the whole “throw it back” tradition.

Hat Tip – [Big Leage Stew]