Arianny Celeste Took a Cleavage Selfie…on a Trampoline (Video)

Arianny Celeste Cleavage selfie

If you were wondering what former UFC personality and pin-up girl Arianny Celeste was up to…it’s pretty much what she’s always been up to. She’s promoting herself using her body. In this instance, it’s a selfie of the hottie jumping on a trampoline. Why? Because people will watch it. That’s why.

There’s remarkably little else to say about this video clip. It doesn’t lend itself well to analyzation or even discussion. So let’s cut to the chase:

▶️Having too much fun at work on this trampoline! Shooting for @headrushbrand with @lanileenyc

A video posted by Arianny Celeste UFC® (@ariannyceleste) on

And if that’s not the most Instagram-y caption for that video, I don’t know what it.

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