Devin Setoguchi’s Wedding Had The Strangest Thing Ever (Video)

Devin Setoguchi's Wedding dance

After playing in just 12 games with the Calgary Flames last season, and another 19 games with their AHL affiliate in Adirondack, NHL forward Devin Setoguchi remains a free agent after going unsigned throughout the summer.

Perhaps a lack of financial security—due to the lack of a current contract—forced Setoguchi and his wife to scale back on their wedding expenses, or maybe Devin just has some crazy friends. (Probably the latter.)

Either way, this ended up happening at his wedding…

(Warning: It’s very strange.)

In case you were wondering who would have the balls to dress up in a spandex suit and dance like that at their buddy’s wedding, that would be Chicago Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg and Dallas Stars defenseman Jason Demers, along with two other random dudes.

I’m pretty sure “Choreographed dance performance to Sia’s ‘Chandelier'” wasn’t listed on their wedding gift registry, but who cares?

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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