Eagles Fans Petition For The Pope to Bless Sam Bradford’s Knees


If you were wondering when Change.org petitions lost their credibility and jumped the shark, it was when Philadelphia Eagles fans used one to ask the Pope to bless QB Sam Bradford‘s knees. I’m sure the line for blessings from Pope Francis is pretty long, and a football-playing millionaire probably shouldn’t be shuttled to the front of the line, even if he gets 1,000,000 signatures.

Right now, there are 1,750 supporters, which gives me some hope that most people are staying away from this thing. But, if you’re one of the Eagles faithful and feel like signing, far be it from me to stand between you and your spirituality. Here’s where you go to do it. I’m sure Sam Bradford will thank you.

The Pope will be making his way to Philly anyway, so it’s not like he’d be making a special trip.

But still. If you think the Pope can prevent NFL injuries, then you haven’t played fantasy football.

(And don’t you just love that image above? That’s from the change.org petition.)

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